Annual Events

Residents Unconference

Each year we aim to hold an Unconference* for involved residents.

We held one in January 2016 and in December 2014. We use the feedback from these to help improve our services.

Here’s a short video about how it went in 2014:

Involved Residents Unconference from Thames Valley Housing on Vimeo.
*What is an ‘Unconference’?

Rather than having pre-arranged speakers, attendees ask to have conversations around areas they want to discuss.  The also choose to attend other people’s conversations that are of interest to them.    Instead it is  led by the attendees who don’t just listen to other people talking but contribute to the discussion as well. This means the agenda is determined by the attendees.

Older residents trip

Each year we invite all our older residents to join us for a day trip. In past years we’ve had fish and chips in Brighton, a day at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu and tea on the pier in Worthing. You can email Eleanor Morgan or call 020 8607 0763 if you’d like to find out more


We held our first full scale roadshow event in 2014 visiting 23 estates and meeting over 250 residents. In 2015 we visited 18 estates and met over 200 residents.

Held during the summer holidays its a great way to bring our office, our contractors and our lovely tour bus out to our residents. We’ll be planning more summer roadshows this year. Email Eleanor Morgan or call 020 8607 0763 if you’d like to find out more.