Grounds maintenance: how are we doing?

We’ve faced numerous challenges in this time, as would be expected as the new partnerships settle down, including having to deal with the wettest summer on record! But, the overall performance has been really encouraging.

Since commencement we’ve seen a marked improvement in the overall quality of work provided. We know we still have some way to go, but comparisons with previous performance statistics indicate that progress has been made.

A 12% increase in satisfaction with the grounds maintenance service and a 5% increase with cleaning is a fantastic achievement. We’ve also had a dramatic decrease in the number of complaints and service failures we’ve received in these areas. We are all working hard to ensure this positive trend continues!

satisfaction stats for HO news gm

Resident Inspectors

We continue to expand and improve our Resident Inspector programme, with 108 residents now on board. Over half of these are Home Owners, who play a valuable part in keeping where they live looking good.

Average inspection results from our inspectors this year are a very positive 78% for cleaning and 77% for grounds. Inspectors work very closely with the contractors, and have excellent relationships with the teams on site, as well as the staff in each contractor’s offices. This means issues are dealt with promptly and professionally, with direct input from our residents.

If you’re interested in getting involved as a Resident Inspector, please contact Teri Burvill, Estate Inspection Officer on 020 8607 0633 or


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