Reporting communal repairs

We get a lot of enquiries from Home Owners about how best to log a communal repair and how long it will take to be completed once reported. There are time implications depending on how you let us know there’s a problem, so here’s a quick sum up of the ways to do so and what to expect.

How do I report a communal repair?

1) By phone:
Call 0300 456 2929 and choose option 1. You’ll connect to our Repairs team who will log your request and confirm an appointment time while you’re on the phone, wherever possible. The Repairs officer will also be able to tell you if any other residents where you live have reported the problem before you go ahead with the order. This is the quickest way to get your repair reported, and recommended when you wish to report an urgent repair.

2) By email:
Email the details of the repair to Ensure you mention the full address of the site and location of the repair, and include a photo too if you can! There is a two working day response time to email requests, so bear in mind your repair may not be logged straight away, but you will be informed via email of any appointments booked.

3) Tell your Property Manager
Speak to your Property Manager or email them details of the repair. They will not raise the repair themselves, but will pass it on to the Repairs team. Keep in mind that this means the repair won’t be logged straight away.

4) Log the repair on the TVH website via MyTVH
This will feed through to our Repairs team like an email, as above.

How long is my repair going to take?

  • Emergencies: the call out time is either up to 4 hours or 24 hours depending on the severity of the problem
  • Urgent repairs: up to 5 working days (this includes things like communal lighting)
  • Routine repairs: up to 20 working days

How do I find out what’s happening?

If you log a repair by phone, you can ask to receive a text the day before the appointment, and again when the operative is on their way to confirm it’s being carried out.
When a communal repair has been attended to, our contractor will post information up on the communal notice boards where you live, wherever possible. They will also take before and after photos.
If you have any queries regarding repairs by TVH, please contact the Repairs team on 0300 456 2929 (option 1).


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