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Did you know that home owners have their own forum? It’s a way for you to let us know about what services you want and for us to get feedback on how we’re doing.

The group consists of 6 home owners, and meets every three months to discuss and help address any home owner issues including:

  • satisfaction with the  delivery of services
  • clarification of  services  including;

– service charges
– contractors
– sinking funds
– value for money
– communal repairs
– cyclical redecorations

Meetings will feature presentations from some of our contractors as well as discussions with members of TVH staff.

Residents on the panel receive minutes of the meetings and all other meeting documents in advance and can be a point of contact for all our home owners.

The members of the Home Owner Forum will also be part of the editorial panel contributing  to these home owner news stories soon, making sure they’re relevant and timely.

The next meeting is in September. So why not  get in touch?
If you have a question for the forum you can contact them direct – HomeOwner_Forum@tvha.co.uk   They would love  to hear from you about ways to improve the service or general concerns.  However, they cannot deal with personal issues or circumvent the TVH complaints process.

For more information or if you are interested in joining please email Eleanor Morgan, Resident Feedback Officer at eleanor_morgan@tvha.co.uk or call her on 020 8607 0763. You can also get in touch with us through our Facebook page.


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