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Due to changes the government has made, if you’re not satisfied with how we’ve dealt with it you can now refer your complaint to a “designated person” for review. You can still apply to the Ombudsman directly after 8 weeks.

A designated person is a local MP or Councillor or it can be a Tenant Panel (this would also include home owners). Their job is to liaise between us and the complainant to try and bring about a local resolution rather than immediately escalating the complaint to the Ombudsman. A Tenant Panel would be a group of Thames Valley Housing residents set up to work independently to try and help resolve individual complaints.

What do you think?

If you had a complaint which you were unable to resolve satisfactorily through our internal complaints process what would your preference be? Would you be interested in setting up a Tenant Panel? We’d be really grateful if you could click on the link below and let our Complaints Co-Ordinator, Matthew Adrian, know.

So, if you had a complaint and wanted to escalate it, would you:

  1. Go to your Local MP or Councillor for assistance
  2. Go to a TVH Tenant Panel if one existed
  3. Wait 8 weeks then go directly to the Ombudsman

(With options a and b, you would still have the option to go to the Ombudsman after these stages if the matter could not be resolved though these channels.)

There are no right answers here, we’re just interested to know your views.

If you would be interested in setting up a Tenant Panel or becoming a member
click here to request more information

Or you can also email your feedback to Matthew directly to matthew_adrien@tvha.co.uk


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