Online Customer Services at TVH

The way that you access online services will be transformed thanks to changes that will be coming in from later this year.

The new online service will provide you with access to a number of services including up to date information that will allow you to do things more independently at a time convenient for you.

You will be able to make enquiries about your lease and submit requests to get permission for home improvements and alterations, re-mortgaging or additional borrowing, subletting and other services.

You will be able to see a history of all your communication with TVH in one place and this will hopefully bring about a more open and transparent dialogue.

You will be able to access information on your service charges, estate services and also query any requests that you have already put in for services.

You will also be able to view schedules for any works to be carried out and give feedback to us on your services.

Your views will be extremely useful as we analyze it and pass the information onto relevant contractors and partners that we work with to further improve the services provided by them and TVH.

Over the coming months we will be talking and working with leaseholders to help us see what you want most from your online services and how it will benefit you.

If you are interested in getting involved as part of our Web Working Group (WWG) then click here for more information.


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