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TVH Online Customer Services

TVH Online Customer Services


Earlier this year, we shared some news about work we were planning to do to provide a new online service for our residents.

We’ve been really busy since then and it’s about time we let you know what we’ve been up to.

Appointed a web development agency to work with us to build our new online service

DXW have considerable experience in the field of web design and are widely respected in the wider web and technical community. They’ve worked with the Ministry of Justice, the Health Research Authority and the Department for Communities and Local Government.

What is refreshing about DXW is their approach to building websites: they are very user- focussed, not just asking what needs to be on a website, but why too.

Consulted with staff and residents – Phase 1

The project team and DXW have carried out some workshops with residents and staff as part of the discovery phase. What we’ve learned from those workshops is already helping to shape how the website will be built. We have more work to do on this and there’s plenty of opportunities for residents to be involved.

Want to get involved and be in with a chance to win an Apple iPad mini?

iPad Mini

Apple iPad Mini

Do you have a few minutes to complete an online activity which will give us an insight into how you group different information and services?

The deadline to complete the activity is midnight on the 23rd of September.

When you’ve completed the activity, you will automatically be entered into a prize-draw and three lucky residents will each win an Apple iPad mini just for taking part.

Find out more here:

The password is tvhresident.

Want to double your chance of winning an Apple iPad mini?

We’ve got a handful of questions we’d like our residents to answer which will also help us in building a web site. These will take around 5 minutes and once completed will automatically enter you into the prize draw.

Share your thoughts with us here:

What’s happening next?

We are coming to the end of our discovery phase. Next up is the design phase. This is where we start to make decisions on the architecture of the website and how it might start to look.

We need our residents to be involved in this phase too, so if you’d like to help us test the early (Beta) versions of the new online services website, drop us an email at

When will the new online service be available?

We are aiming to deliver the first test version of the new online service in November. It will enable residents to view and manage their accounts, raise repairs and find information which is relevant to them.

This isn’t the end though. It’s just the first chapter. We will be adding more services to the site over the next few months based on what residents tell us they want to see and do online.

Got any questions or feedback? Email the team at


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