Online Customer Services – Where are we now?

When we last updated you back in August, we were in the planning stage. We needed to get residents to help us understand how they view and group services and information.

So we ran a competition (with a free iPad as a prize) that enabled us to do just that. There was a fantastic response, with a great mix of tenants, home owners and key workers getting involved.

What did we get residents to do?

Two things: an online card sorting activity and a questionnaire.

The activity got residents to group cards with different labels (a mix of services and information types) together. The questionnaire was an opportunity to tell us how they rated services in terms of importance to them, how frequently they accessed those different services, some specific questions about repairs and maintenance, and feedback on how they categorise problems.

What did we do with the answers?

You can already see what we’ve done when you visit our new website The way we’ve organised the content as well as the language we’ve used was determined by what you told us.

We’re now building the replacement online customer services, again using what we’ve learned from the card sorting, surveys and a resident workshop in the summer.

Keep connected – Want to see the new online customer service before it’s rolled out?

We’re always keen to get your views on what we’re doing. The website and online customer services are designed to do what you tell us you want and need them to do. But things can change quickly so we’d like to invite you to keep connected to us.

We’ll be doing some testing of the prototype online customer services in the New Year and we’ll need you to have a go at using it, so that you can tell us what you thought about the experience. We’ll use your feedback to iron out any creases and to evolve online customer services further.

To get involved, email Geraldine at

iPad Mini – the winners

Out of a list of entries, we picked three residents at random.

Nick, a shared owner from Haslemere, who works in the IT industry said:

“I don’t normally give feedback, but I felt I should get involved more. I can’t believe after doing a short survey, that I won an iPad!”

iPad winner, Shared Owner Nick from Haslemere

iPad winner, Shared Owner Nick from Haslemere




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Jenny Sandford


Jenny Sandford