Amy’s story

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Like many teenagers, Amy was essentially ejected from the education system with little sense of what she wanted to do, the options available and no guidance on career paths. As she was young, it was inevitable that she’d lean towards the direction her friends were taking which led to a short spell at college.

This didn’t last long, and she found herself kicking her heels until David knocked on her door offering training and employment opportunities. “It was a surprise for me. I didn’t think housing associations did this sort of thing.”

After engaging with the TVH Job Club, David pointed her in the direction of training, which Amy admitted she was initially reluctant to take up.

As David built up a relationship with Amy, she began to focus on childcare training which eventually led to an apprenticeship with a childcare training company, a salary close to £200 a month and NVQ qualifications.

Since then Amy hasn’t looked back. She’s found something she really enjoys doing and a clear career path in front of her. She said: “The support from TVH and David has been absolutely brilliant. More housing associations should be like this. There’s been a huge turn around in my life.”

From David’s perspective a measure of success is that he rarely hears from Amy any more. He said: “She’s on her way now which is great. We do speak occasionally so I can make sure that’s she’s doing well, but she clearly is. All she needed was a bit of support and direction and you can see how she is now benefiting.”


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