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Jordan image16 year old TVH resident Jordan Wise is an apprentice plasterer at Kingsmoor Park, a development being built by a partnership of TVH and Kier Partnership Homes in Woking.

When Jordan left school this summer he knew what he wanted to do. His Mum is a plumber and his Dad is a painter/decorator, so it made sense for him to become a plasterer; a skill currently missing from his family.

Apprenticeships are hard to come by and he didn’t think he’d stand a chance of getting one. Then he heard from our Training and Employment Team who told him there were NVQ Level 2 apprenticeships available at Kingsmoor Park in Woking, where Jordan lives.

He is really enjoying the work. “I’m one of seven apprentices here at Kingsmoor Park and they’re really great. The rest of the people on site are really supportive too.”

Jordan’s day starts at 7.30 am when he prepares the plaster for indoor work or mortar if he’s working on outside walls. He then joins a more experienced supervisor who has prepared the surface to take the plaster or the mortar. He gets a half an hour mid-morning break and a half hour lunch break before his day finishes at 4.30pm.

Anne Pounds is the Apprenticeship Manager at Kier Living. She said, “Jordan has settled in well. He is really keen and has a good attitude.”

Kier Partnership Homes started running the apprenticeships in 2005 in recognition of the construction skills shortage. They try to fill the apprenticeships with people local to the site they are working on.

Anne said, “Apprenticeships are excellent. They get structured training one day a week at college, and the chance to learn and practice the skills in a real construction environment. When they are finished they are really competent, which is the aim of the NVQ.”

For Jordan it has been the right decision. “I’m definitely pleased I decided to do this. It’s much better than sitting at home, unemployed, with nothing to do. My Mum and Dad are really proud of me. When I qualify, I really want to work with them.”


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