Khalid’s story

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Khalid M 2Some residents require persistent, focused and determined attention. Khalid was one of them.

Khalid had dropped out of school and, in his own words, there was a sense of aimlessness to his life. He slept late and hung out with friends, just getting by. It wasn’t that he lacked ambition he just didn’t know where to focus his attention.

When Khalid responded to TVH’s training and employment programme, David Walker sensed someone who had the desire but would require steering, support and the opportunity to try out different things before he could carve out an employment path.

“I had no idea what I wanted to do but David helped focus me and steer me in the right direction,” he said. Khalid was shown what options were available and how he could pursue these opportunities. This process of exploration led Khalid to narrow down his choices.

One of the significant steps was when he took part in some construction courses provided by TVH contractors. He enjoyed these and was helped to gain a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme card enabling him to work in construction.

David stayed close to him helping him identify and register with work agencies. As a result, Khalid took a number of short term construction positions which gave him a taste for work.

However, the experience also taught him something else. He explains: “By just talking to some of the guys I was working with I realized that I don’t have all the time in the world. I finally understood that I needed some kind of qualifications and expertise if I wanted to get ahead.”

Khalid is now being positioned by TVH to take up an apprenticeship: “Thames Valley Housing has helped me open my eyes and now that I have working experience I feel more stable and focused. I’m just looking forward to getting qualifications and being able to earn a good salary. It’s far better than what I was previously doing just drifting through the days.”



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