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Samantha ELike many parents with young children Samantha understood only too well that the opportunities for employment are severely limited when constrained to between the hours of nine and three.

When consistent efforts to find work end up hitting a brick wall, a sense of pointlessness can develop. Samantha was in this position. However, one day she was talking to a neighbour who had joined the TVH Job Club. Her neighbour was attending regularly, getting help with her CV and making use of the training and job search opportunities available.

Given the constraints on her time Samantha was encouraged to explore the training options. As a result, she embarked on a training course in painting and decorating and another for tiling.

“It was only two days a week, but it was brilliant. I really enjoyed doing it and got a lot out of it,” said Samantha. Apart from learning useful practical skills Samantha was also helped to gain a Construction Skills Certificate Scheme card,a requirement for self-employed people working in the construction industry.

The Job Club also helped Samantha bolster her confidence as well as helping her find a short-term position in a dental surgery. She admits that her confidence was at low ebb because she had been out of the job market for a long time.

“David helped me with my CV, cover letters and mock interviews. At first it was difficult but he persisted and before long I felt quite confident in a job interview,” she added. This was borne out when she went for the job interview at the dental surgery. “It was amazing, I actually got the job.”

Unfortunately, the position didn’t last beyond several months as the dental practice was facing its own economic pressures. But Samantha feels the experience is a valuable string in her bow: “Thames Valley Housing have been amazing. They never gave up on me and always supported me. I’ve gained more experience and I’m now a lot more confident about looking for work.”

The training provided by Thames Valley Housing has also opened up new avenues for her: “I’m still limited by the time I have because I have young children but I now have new opportunities and skills and this is helping me to explore new possibilities that weren’t there before.”


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