Why we invest in the communities where we work.

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Aik-Saath-1Barry Malki is our Community Investment Manager. He explains why we contribute to the communities where we work as well as providing decent housing.

The primary purpose of TVH is to provide people with good quality, affordable housing, and my team work with those people to help build their communities. This may be through youth projects, environmental schemes, public health initiatives, or any other conceivable endeavour that brings about positive social outcomes for our residents and the communities in which they live.

Through partnerships with local residents, not-for-profit organisations and local authorities, the team assess the needs of a particular community and then work with those partners to deliver sustainable solutions. Sustainability is the key as the most successful types of project are those that the residents can just run themselves. Hand over power to communities in this way is an important step to creating a vibrant, thriving and cooperative society.

As well as the benefits to the wider community, there is often a tangible benefit to the organisation. Projects such as the Community Champions Scheme in Slough, not only create a sense of community and empowerment by supporting residents in their own initiatives, but there is the knock-on effect of a significant, measurable reduction in anti-social behaviour in the area. The issue hasn’t simply been displaced elsewhere, but is gone, as a consequence of the stronger relationships existing on those estates.

A result such as this is perfect as it shows that a properly support, engaged and invested community have the power to make a real difference in their own lives, and those of their neighbours.

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Image shows young mentors attending Slough based Aik Saath and learning conflict negotiation skills.


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