Online services – getting it right for the resident by listening to the resident.

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Sarah Atkins tells us working with residents to help get our online services right:  She is Project Co-ordinator in the Policy and Performance Team.

“Working in the Corporate Services directorate doesn’t sound like I get involved in many things directly to do with housing.  In reality, my role as Project Coordinator is very varied and I actually get to work on many  projects that impact on the lives of Thames Valley Housing residents.

One of my projects is MyTVH – our online customer service for residents. Residents can register for MyTVH and use it to manage their accounts and make payments online, report repairs and track them, and request information and services from us. It’s so convenient and useful for residents – instead of picking up the phone in office hours, they can do this online on any device (computer at a library/laptop/smartphone/tablet) at a time suitable to them, just like they do with online banking and shopping.

I coordinate the organisation’s project team. It’s really important for the project to ensure that the senior managers from Housing Services are informed of the developments and new features that are being added to MyTVH, and also more importantly to hear from residents what they need from the service.

I’m also involved in the discovery work for MyTVH with our web developers. This includes inviting residents in to test how intuitive the service is – and then using this feedback to make changes to things like where links and information appear on the screen.

Over the next couple of years, we will continue to add new features to the service. Currently, we’re excited about the launch of our new MyTVH payments service in December. For residents this means making payments to us will be:

  • Faster – they only need to log in once, to MyTVH and not to a separate payments service
  • More accurate – their payment will show up instantly in their account on MyTVH so they’ll know we’ve received it
  • Easier to use – they can save their debit or credit card details securely, so they won’t need to key them in again next time they visit

The thing I’ve most enjoyed doing for MyTVH (and am also quite proud of!) is being involved in the creation of a promotional film with an animator.  You can watch the film here:



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