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The public support building more social housing.

Research out today for #HousingDay conducted by IPSOS Mori  shows that:
•Over half (58per cent) of the British public support more social housing being built in their local area.
•80 per cent of British people say social housing should be available for people who can’t afford the cost of private renting as well as being a safety net for the most vulnerable.
•More than two out of three British people (67 per cent) say that social housing plays an important role in tackling poverty in Britain.

These results show that despite what the press says about social housing, it is supported by the great British public and they understand the link between good quality low cost housing and poverty. However what this also tells me is that many of them feel that more people should have access to it.

The reality is that we are building a great deal less low cost housing, while at the same time, more people are having to pay more for a decent place to live. I often hear people say that they support more affordable housing as they can’t afford the cost of housing. What many of them don’t understand is why they can’t access it, when they get paid so little.  With wages in most sectors remaining stagnant and the cost of living continuing to rise, more people are looking for a way to meet their housing costs.

That’s why our role in providing houses, and supporting and promoting the need for more low cost housing is so important.  A good home is a base to improve your life, giving people back a sense of belonging, of community and of self-worth.  It’s not the whole story, but it’s a crucial factor.

Geeta Nanda is the CEO of Thames Valley Housing.  More about Geeta…


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