Children at Woking Primary School go green

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DSC_0830Thames Valley Housing (TVH) recently went to Westfield Primary School to get local children involved with the wildlife around them.

With the help of Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT), TVH funded a day of fun workshops for 240 children in years 2-6 in the school’s Wild Garden. They learnt how to build bird boxes, bird feeders and nests for insects like bees and beetles from recycled materials.

The event at Westfield Primary was part of TVH’s Green Week.  Five events took place in five different areas where TVH have homes; the purpose of which was to encourage environmental sustainability.

It certainly seemed to work. Deputy Head Francesca Cave commented that “The children had a wonderful time and it was lovely to see them at the end of the day proudly carrying what they had made or hearing them telling their parents all about it. When it came time to wrap up, a fair few parents took their children back in and had a go too!”

Barry Malki, TVH’s Community Investment Manager explained “Engaging with the community in this type of project shows that people can have a positive impact on their environment, whether it’s encouraging wildlife into the area or reusing or redefining waste materials. We have a huge commitment to both environmental sustainability and the local community in Woking.  Initiatives such as this are really effective in encouraging recycling in creative ways.”

Paul Ritchie, SWT’s Community Engagement Coordinator added “The People & Wildlife team at Surrey Wildlife Trust work closely with schools and communities to help create a Living Landscape that benefits wildlife and people. Wildlife gardening is one aspect of this approach and the pupils, staff and parents at Westfield School are making an important contribution to conserving wildlife that lives on or nearby Westfield Common.”


If you would like more information about Thames Valley Housing, please contact or call her on 020 8607 0879. You can all visit    Find out more about TVH Green Week.  You can also search: #tvhgreenweek


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