Youth Club launched in Sutton

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Recently, Thames Valley Housing launched a youth group at The Hamptons estate in Worcester Park. Every Tuesday evening, young people come along to take part in a range of fun activities. The sessions are delivered by Surrey Clubs, and so far they have proven to be very popular. On the opening evening, 45 children registered to join, which is a fantastic turnout! The last few sessions have also had a great attendance – even in the rain, we had twenty children turn up.

Not only is the youth club providing a lot of fun and enjoyment for the children, it’s also helping to bring the local community together. Jamie Hutchinson, our Community Investment Officer, said, “Aside from the youth club being a great activity for the kids, it is also serving an important community purpose. We now have kids interacting from different sides of the estate. Kids that have lived in The Hamptons for years, but never knew each other. Parents are meeting and chatting and getting to know each other.”

We have had some very encouraging feedback from the local community; many believe that the youth club has had a very positive impact. As well as bringing people together, the youth club has opened up discussions about how to improve the community further.

Children participating in the Hamptons youth club.

Children participating in the Hamptons youth club.



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