Texting service for renters

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You need to pay your rent on time, in full and in advance. If you are struggling to pay your rent, get in touch with us so we can help you. One of the ways we can help is our arrears texting service, which is available to all tenants.

What does the texting service offer?

New Tenant Welcome Text

If you are a new tenant and you have a mobile, we will send you a welcome text once your tenancy starts.

Help to keep track of your account

We will text you if you have failed to make a payment and ask you to contact your Revenues Officer or Accommodation Officer.

We will send you monthly texts if you are a week or more in arrears.

Important reminders

If there are important events coming up to do with your arrears, we will remind you by text.  You will still receive letters and calls from us.


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