TVH to launch Good Neighbour Award

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goodneighbourawardThis month we’ll be launching a new initiative called the Good Neighbour Award, to acknowledge our community champions.

Residents and non residents are being asked to nominate a TVH resident they think has been a good neighbour or someone who deserves recognition for their contributions to the local community. The nominee could be somebody who is friendly and helpful, has performed a good deed, maintains their property well or is actively involved in their local area. Only TVH residents can be nominated, but anyone can make a nomination.

Each nominee will receive a certificate of recognition, and will also be entered into a competition to win the Neighbour of the Year Award. The winner will receive a £250 voucher, and if your nomination is drawn then you will also win a voucher for £50.

For further information or to make a nomination by email, please contact Community Investment Officer Jamie Hutchinson at

Image: The Good Neighbour Award nomination flyer


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