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We started our digital transformation journey back in 2013.  We realised that our customers wanted to interact with us online, at a time of their choosing, rather than simply be able to ring our contact centre when we were open.  Looking around at the various software solutions offered by the sector’s big-vendors, we soon realised that none of them were really designed to meet our customer’s needs, and that we were going to need to take a radically different approach.

Partnering with a small web development company, with specialist experience in building better (digital) public services, we set about building MyTVH, our online services for customers.  We focused on the bread & butter high volume transactions – paying rent, reporting a repair, and getting in touch with the right person for more complex needs.  Our approach was very much based on the Government Digital Service Manual, so we learned lots of new ways of working, like Service Design and Agile project management; working in iterative cycles after getting customer feedback.

Take up of the service has been good, we achieved a 50% shift away from telephone payments to online payments in just twelve weeks after launch.  And we’re now focusing our attention on improving the online repairs reporting and booking services.

By 2015 we recognised that we wanted to scale the approach and re-imagine what our housing services could look like when they were built ‘of the digital age’.  And how our organisation would need to change and grow new skills in order to achieve that.  We put together a digital transformation strategy, and in 2016 we added a customer experience strategy, which sets out our ambition & plans for making customers’ experiences with us ‘positive and easy’.  Our aim is to make digital services so good, people choose to use them.

I’m really excited that we’re now looking to recruit a dedicated CIO in order to take this work forward.  2017 will be a game-changer for the housing sector, and we plan to be in the fore-front.

Geeta Nanda – November 2016


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