Our surveys are moving online

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Each month, we contact a proportion of all our residents to ask how satisfied they are with the services we provide. This allows us to assess the quality of services provided by our staff and contractors, and respond to any issues as quickly as possible.  Previously, this has been done via paper and telephone surveys.

From April 1st we’ll be contacting our residents via email instead, with a link to access the survey online.

The survey shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 mins. Once it’s submitted, we’ll be able to view the responses immediately, including any comments made. This will mean better monitoring of our services and a quicker response to your feedback.

What about if residents are not online?

We will continue to contact a number of residents via telephone to complete the survey.

Please click here to read our Fair Processing Statement which sets out how we comply with the Data Protection Act.

If you have any questions or feedback relating to the survey, please email Margaret Buchan on Margaret_Buchan@tvha.co.uk


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