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Our Wellbeing programme helps residents find strategies to improve their self-esteem, by making lifestyle changes, breaking negative habits and improving their quality of life.

However before signing up for the full six week ‘Level Up’ Wellbeing course, we are offering one day taster sessions. Residents can either have an introduction to what the Wellbeing programme is all about, or use it as a refresher if they have previously attended a ‘Level Up’ course.

The Wellbeing programme covers support for mind, body and spirit, including:

  • uplifting and practical sessions with Life Coach Lorenzo Hall
  • gentle exercise and movement sessions with fitness coach Basil Dingwall
  • great food and eating advice from nutritional coach Sarah Hurst

One attendee of the six week ‘Level Up’ Wellbeing course said it shocked her out of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem into believing in herself and taking regular exercise. Sam now runs between 3-5 miles a day.

She said: “Taking part in the TVH Wellbeing course was like a defibrillator for me, it shocked me into regular exercise and helped me leave my troubled life behind. I see my life now as a clean piece of paper. I’ve learnt that what I am and what I can do is a good thing, not a bad thing.”

One taster session was in Reading, organised by Hazel Millard, Training & Employment Officer at TVH, and well attended by a group of local residents from across the area.

All those who came left with smiles on their faces, looking relaxed and far more positive than when they arrived:

One of the group said: “I am really shy, so was feeling very nervous on arrival and worried about what we would do. I’ve really enjoyed it and it’s made me feel so much better in myself, happier and relaxed.”

Another woman who was new to the Wellbeing concept said “It was very useful, relaxing and in a short time, has taught me about myself, how I think, my self-esteem and my mind-set – I am now keen to join the six week Level Up course.”

If you are interested in taking part in one of our next sessions, please get in touch with Ben_Cronin@tvha.co.uk or 0208 607 0713.

Read how the Wellbeing programme has helped one of our residents, Sam.


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