Hounslow Furniture Upcycling Project

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Over the past month, David, one of our Hounslow residents has been offering up his DIY skills to give something back to TVH and help other residents to up-cycle their old furniture.

Now that the project has come to an end, we spoke to David to find out why he wanted to give something back, and how he found the experience to be.

David recently took part in our 12 Week Business Start Up Course. We run this to help equip residents with the skills they need to turn their business aspirations into a reality. David really enjoyed the course and because he was able to attend free of charge, wanted to give something back to us as a way of thanks for both the course, and how TVH have supported him in the past.

As a qualified Painter & Decorator for 32 years he came up with the idea of starting a short term furniture up-cycling project whereby he could help other residents to transform existing pieces of furniture. As part of this, David also really enjoyed teaching fellow residents some decorating basics that they could apply in their own homes, such as how to apply oak and drag finishes to wood boards. He would spend the Wednesday before each session prepping the boards so that visitors could get stuck in applying the finishing effects.

David said that he was “very grateful for TVH’s support”, and that his fellow residents “seemed absolutely delighted” with the skills they took away with them.


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