Asbestos Survey

In an effort to update existing records, we are conducting an asbestos survey at some of our properties. We have appointed Frankham Risk Management Services Ltd to conduct the survey. If your home fits the criteria for the asbestos survey, you will receive a letter from us which contains further details.

If you receive a letter from us, please can you contact Susan Tulloch, Asbestos Project Coordinator at Frankham Risk Management Services Ltd on 020 8309 2638, to arrange a convenient appointment. All Frankham RMS staff will wear photographic ID badges that you must ask to see before allowing them into your home.

The asbestos survey will be a visual survey, and might require taking some samples of materials for testing. The survey will take approximately 1-2 hours to complete and will require access to all rooms within your home. Please note some photographs may be taken as part of the survey.

If the survey confirms the presence of asbestos we will write to you within 6 months of receiving the results. If you don’t receive a follow up letter after the survey, you can assume that there is no asbestos in your property.

If you have any queries regarding the survey that are not related to booking an appointment, please contact us on 0300 456 2929, option 1 and ask to speak to Selina Emin in Property & Asset Management.


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