Thames Valley Housing starts formal talks to form a partnership with Metropolitan

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Announcing the start of formal talks to form a partnership, Thames Valley Housing Chair Grainia Long, Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Geeta Nanda and Metropolitan Chair Paula Kahn.


The Boards of Thames Valley Housing (TVH) and Metropolitan are today announcing the start of formal discussions to form a partnership.

Our Boards will now move forward with their discussions which will include consultation with funders, residents and stakeholders, and we will develop detailed plans for the proposed partnership.

Metropolitan Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Geeta Nanda has been appointed CEO of the proposed partnership, and Metropolitan Chair Paula Kahn is Chair of the proposed partnership. Thames Valley Housing Chair Grainia Long has been appointed Senior Independent Director designate, a role which supports the Chair.

Between us, our two organisations own and manage more than 57,000 homes in London, the South East, the East Midlands and the East of England.

We have common values and a similar vision as well as complementary geographies, housing tenures, areas of expertise, commercial models and customer service aspirations.

The primary drivers for the partnership are: to enable the housing associations to better serve their existing residents; to build more new homes and stronger communities; and to achieve greater organisational resilience.

Over the coming months Metropolitan and Thames Valley Housing will develop detailed plans for the proposed partnership to:

  • improve services for existing residents, including their digital customer service experience
  • deliver c. 2,000 new homes a year of which approximately 80% will be affordable
  • support investment in local communities and services which will help tackle the challenges faced by the most vulnerable – including older people, new migrants, the long-term unemployed and those living in poverty
  • become a financially stronger, more resilient and more agile group with greater capacity and commercial acumen to better meet challenges posed by the external environment
  • attract the best talent in the sector by offering a wide range of opportunities, in different specialisms and locations, with tailored training and career development

Some key questions, and what this means for residents now:


Who is Metropolitan?

Metropolitan is one of the UK’s leading providers of affordable housing and care and support services. They own and manage a large portfolio of nearly 38,000 homes, providing services to customers across London, the East Midlands and East of England.


Like TVH, they are dedicated to building high quality homes and investing in communities.


How long will this process take?

Our Boards will now move forward with their discussions which will include consultation with funders, residents and stakeholders, and we will develop detailed plans for the proposed partnership. We will keep residents updated as the plans develop.

What does ‘resident consultation’ mean?

It means we will write to you with details of the proposed partnership and ask for your feedback, which you’ll be able to give in a number of ways including by phone, email, and letter. You can expect this letter to reach you by the end of February.


Will your name change?

Yes, the proposed partnership will have a new name, but this has not been decided on yet.


How will my tenancy/the services I receive be affected? Will my rent/service charge change?

No, your tenancy and services should stay the same. The amount of rent and service charge you pay will not be affected by the proposed partnership and will continue to be subject to the usual annual review.


I pay my rent/service charge by Direct Debit. Will I need to change the details of this?

No, you will not need to do anything.


Will I still have the same Housing Officer, Property Manager or Accommodation Officer?

You will continue to have the same Housing Officers, Property Managers or Accommodation Officers for now. We will be considering how to bring together its operational teams as one in the future, but for now they will remain the same.


Will your contact details change?

Not immediately, you can still contact us on 0300 456 2929 or via our website:


Will your website address change? Can I still contact you/report repairs this way?

At some point we will have a combined website but this will not happen straightaway. For now, the TVH website address will remain and you can contact us/report repairs as normal.


TVH residents can still access online customer services such as accounts information and reporting repairs through MyTVH at


Will you still have a Facebook and Twitter page?

You will still be able to get in touch with us through social media as you always have ( We will be looking, as always, at how we can do things better and the proposed partnership presents us with some really exciting opportunities. Follow us to find out more (


If the proposed partnership goes ahead, where will you be based?

TVH’s main office is based in Twickenham while Metropolitan has offices in Southgate, Derby, Clapham and elsewhere. No decisions have been taken yet, but it is likely that we will retain our office locations.


My tenancy agreement/lease says Thames Valley Housing on it. Will I need to sign a new one?

No, your existing agreement will still apply.


Are there any changes to any programmes/initiatives (volunteering, training and employment support etc.)?

No, these will continue to run as normal.


Will there be any changes to resident involvement groups e.g. Resident Scrutiny Group?


Resident Involvement groups will remain the same for now. We will be reviewing the way that these services are delivered in the forthcoming months and will inform residents of any changes that will be made.




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