Responsive Repairs Project

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Since September, our Responsive Repairs Project team have been delving deep into our repairs service. We wanted to better understand the experience of using this service in order to create an improved customer journey.  The adoption of service design principles has enabled us to not only understand if our current service is working, but has helped us to see where any problems are occurring, and why. This is important because any subsequent changes implemented will be directly channelled from our residents’ needs.

The team have spoken to residents, contractors and our staff to gain this insight and understanding, and are currently in the “develop” stage of their project.

Last week they presented their findings to our staff and held ideation (brainstorming) sessions with the repairs team and wider TVH staff. The aim was to begin to map out potential ways of moving forwards with our repairs service. This phase of the project will be going on until the 23rd March. Our staff and residents will be involved throughout this stage.

This Saturday the team will be present at our Repairs Fair, which is open to all residents, in order to discuss these findings and possible ways of going forwards. It’s an exciting time for us and for the Responsive Repairs Project team who get to see their hard work over the past few months coming together in a tangible way which can help to improve our residents’ customer experience.



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