Repairs appointments by text message

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We now receive text reminders for doctors, dentists and hair appointments, so why not repairs appointments too?

We are always looking at ways to make our residents’ lives easier, so we are now introducing text messages to confirm repairs appointments.

This means residents will know as soon as their appointment is booked.  And if it’s not convenient they can simply call the number on the text to cancel or re-book.

This new system, which has come about as a result of feedback from our Responsive Repairs Project, begins on Monday 21st May. For any questions, please contact the Repairs Team.

While all Axis repairs confirmations will be delivered by text, all communal repairs and repairs delivered by our other contractors will still be notified by letter.

Text messaging for Surveys:
We are also making a change to how we collect Repairs Satisfaction Surveys. As as of Monday 21st May, we will be introducing online repairs satisfactions surveys sent automatically to residents following the completion of your repairs. This will making it easier for residents to give us feedback on the services we provide.

Online web forms:
We are also making some changes to the MyTVH web forms: Working with the Digital team, we are pleased to announce that from Monday 21st May residents will now be able to upload photos on the Online Repairs request to make it easier for us to diagnose their issue.

All these changes are aimed at improving our customer experience and have been developed based on feedback from residents about how we can improve the services we offer.

Watch this space for more updates as we continue to work to improve the services that the Repairs team can offer our residents.


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