About us

Metropolitan Thames Valley was formed through the partnership of Thames Valley Housing Association and Metropolitan Housing Trust in October 2018.
We believe everyone should have access to a home and the opportunity to live well.

We are a member of the National Housing Federation and the g15, which represents London’s largest housing associations and houses one in 10 Londoners. Together with our peers in the sector, we’re addressing the national shortage of affordable housing by building good quality homes where people want to live.

In order to generate a profit to help fund our social purpose, we also have a market rent business called Fizzy, and a joint venture to build housing for sale.

Who we are

Organisations are simply a collection of people coming together to get things done. Find out about how we’re governed, and who’s who on the board and executive team.

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What we do

Since 1966, we’ve been building homes and communities where people are proud and happy to live.

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Why we do it

What drives us. Our vision for the world, and our mission to help deliver it.

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A swift journey through time. Over 50 years of building homes.

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You can download our annual reports and other public documents here.

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