A swift journey though time.

We set up in 1966 and finished our first building project two years later.  One of our aims was to make it easier for people to own their own homes.  We made that happen in 1980 when our first shared ownership homes were built.

In 1998 we won the contract to manage the staff accommodation at Bournewood NHS Trust.  Since then we’ve taken on student accommodation at the University of Guildford, and we manage eight more NHS Trust residential accommodation schemes.

In 1999 we sold the UK first home under the Government’s HomeBuy Scheme.

In our 40th year, 2006, we built our home number 10,000 at Streambanks in Guildford.

Then in 2008 we opened our homebuy4you sales shop in Camberley, bringing accessible home ownership to the high street.

After meetings and talks with our residents, we launched our Community Investment Strategy in 2010, working in the three areas that needed it most: Rushmoor, Reading and Hounslow.

2011 was when we opened our biggest scheme, 557 rented homes and 78 shared ownership apartments.  Its the staff accommodation for St Georges NHS Trust in Tooting.

In 2012, we launched Fizzy, our private rented business, and in 2013 we won a Private Finance Initiative to deliver 228 homes in Woking.

We took our new online services for customers, MyTVH live in 2014.  And last year we won a What House gold award for our Russell Square scheme in Horley.

2016 was our 50th year. We decided to celebrate this big milestone and give thanks to everyone that made us what we are. We organised celebration events across the year for our residents, our stakeholders, and our past and present staff members.

In October 2018, we partnered with Metropolitan Housing Trust to form Metropolitan Thames Valley.