A day in the life of a Fizzy Bob: Ha Doan

Ha Doan is a Property Manager or ‘Bob’ as they are known, at Fizzy Living. Prior to working for Fizzy, Ha worked as part of Thames Valley Housing’s Sales and Marketing team.

“There isn’t really such a thing as a typical day in the life of a Fizzy Bob, but one of the first things that I normally do when I arrive at work each day is to check my emails as there may be tenants who have reported repairs overnight. Sometimes it’s something that they might not know how to fix themselves, but I am able to go to their flat immediately and sort it out for them. If it’s a more serious fault then I’m able to report it to the Repairs Manager right then and there.” This, Ha explains, is one of the major benefits of Fizzy’s Property Managers being based on site. They also provide other day-to-day services for their residents, from leaving deliveries in their hallway to turning off their hair straighteners, heating, cooker hobs or irons if they have left them on whilst scurrying out the door in the morning to catch their train into London. It’s a personal service that few renting privately in the capital or the South East could imagine.

Ha also checks the communal areas on a daily basis to make sure that nothing has been left lying around. She admits that she can sometimes have her work cut out for her after returning to the office after the weekend!

“There are some days when you’ll either be moving a new tenant in, moving a tenant out or both. In these cases, I’ll be arranging their deposits and taking an inventory when they move in to make sure that everything is present in their flat and in good working order.”

The key difference between a Fizzy Bob and a traditional Property Manager is that they are always based on site; Ha’s office is located within the bright, vibrant hallway as you enter. “A lot of other Property Managers don’t deal with tenants directly so the tenant can’t just knock on your door when they need help with something. It’s more personable with Fizzy and things generally get sorted out quickly.”

On occasions when some of her residents are away on holiday, Ha will even check in on their flats in their absence: “It can involve anything from feeding their cats or goldfish, to watering their plants. It gives the resident peace of mind that they are being looked after.”

The most challenging part of Ha’s role is when she is faced with the type of big repair that can happen suddenly, for example if the hot water cuts out in the building: “This is obviously very stressful for the tenant but we’ve found that being on site helps here as we are able to reassure them face to face that the repair is being dealt with and that someone will be there when the contractors arrive at the building.”

Fizzy tenants are also kept in the loop by text message and also through a private Facebook group, which acts as a residents forum as well as somewhere where Ha can post updates about what’s going on in the building.

“One of the best things about my role is that although I’m alone onsite, I always feel like part of a team as other members of staff drop by to do viewings or meet with our tenants. We also have a weekly team meeting at our head office for all the Bobs. My tenants are also fantastic and it’s great to be right here in the same building as them. There’s a real sense of community.” It’s clear that Ha’s tenants also feel the same; inside her office the shelves are full of cards and gifts that she has been given by her residents. “The gratitude is quite overwhelming! It’s not something that you expect because you are just doing your job.”

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