Dave Jones – Transactions Assistant

David has been at TVH for eight years and is a key member of our finance team.

What is your role at TVH?

My role is a transactions assistant; I am now going into my eighth year. I’m one of five assistants in the finance payments team and our role is to help contractors, suppliers, tenants and employees with everything payment related. This includes dealing with all the invoices we receive, company expenses, handling queries and some data entry. I started at TVH after leaving school eight years ago, it’s been great to cement this position and gain new responsibilities and build strong relationships with people.

What is it about TVH that makes you feel motivated to come into work everyday and give your best?

I feel motivated by working with great people in a strong team. Everyone works as a unit, helping and supporting each other to complete their work. Knowing that I’m part of a team like that has made my time at TVH really enjoyable. We are also extremely busy which is a motivating factor for me, and things will only get busier with more projects and financial compliance needed in the not so distant future.

What are the main projects you are working on at the moment?

I’m responsible for managing the finance department’s section of the TVH Wiki. This is an internal knowledge sharing platform that gives everyone at TVH access to content that can be hard to find or isn’t written down. The finance Wiki provides staff with answers to questions they may come to us for help with, such as approving invoices.

We launched our Help Desk a few years ago as well. This is a platform that staff can use to send tasks to our team. They can chose the level of importance of the problem and send it to us to resolve. We are currently looking at all our systems and how they can better work for the whole organisation.

How do you see your career developing from now onwards?

I have spent my whole career here and been loyal to TVH and seen the company grow. I’m keen to learn new skills and continue to develop what I’ve already learned during my time here and to see what the future brings.

What gives you a sense of achievement after a day at work?

I enjoy knowing that I have helped someone in my days work, whether that’s assisting a colleague or helping our suppliers and tenants with their needs.