Najime Yachou – Employment Engagement Coordinator

Find out about the work that Najime does to get TVH residents and people from the local communities into employment.

What is your role and has this always been your role at TVH?

My role is Employment Engagement Coordinator. I liaise, enhance and work towards gaining some type of qualifications or employment opportunities for both TVH residents and people from the local communities. TVH really goes above and beyond to support non-residents, who live in the wider community around our residences. 

I also work very closely with Jobcentres, as I’m constantly supporting jobseekers struggling with employment opportunities to secure a job. My job involves liaising with jobseekers directly, on a one-to-one basis. I offer them interview skills, look for training opportunities for them and liaise with potential employers.

This has always been my role at TVH. In the past I worked for a media company, where I account managed TV agencies and adverts. It was hard to switch off from work when I’d come home in the evening as I’d see my work on TV…I then worked for Learn Direct, which is a company that provides training. My role was client engagement winning new business and managing the referral process into all the Learn Direct centres within London this is when I started structuring my relations with jobcentres and other organisation. When I saw the job at TVH it seemed like a good match to me as I’d built a good knowledge of working with jobcentres, which is central to my work now.

What is the main project you are working on at the moment?

One of my main projects is organising the Level Up programme for our residents. This is a programme aimed at helping residents to maintain a healthy, productive and happy life.  This project came about from realising a number of residents were continually failing to engage due to complex issues and they were suffering with this lack of confidence in silence. The Resident, Training and Employment department decided to re-evaluate what we could do as an organisation to provide support for residents that were far from the employment market. This led to the Level up sessions. The session’s supports residents to move onto the next level, a hobby, fitness schedule, volunteering, work experience or a new job. We had great success in Hounslow and Richmond and now we are rolling it out to residents in Reading.

How do you see your career developing from now onwards?

I enjoy working with the employment side of things. It’s quite rewarding when you bring someone from a place where they don’t want to be, to somewhere more tangible, where they are happy and feel like they’ve got direction. Essentially I’d like to continue working to support people. I also have a passion to work more closely with external organisations forming relationships and sharing business resources for the benefit of TVHA residents. An example of this is the job fairs where I partner up with other Housing Associations and the Jobcentre staff to manage the project from start to finish to help the local community.

What is it about TVH that makes you feel motivated to come into work everyday and give your best?

The people I work with – they are such a great bunch! There are also the targets that I get to adhere to as part of my job. This involves getting people into work, and I come to work everyday with that target in mind. Finally, there is the office environment. I really like the atmosphere here at TVH, but also the working style. I have regular one to ones with my manager and we work very closely, but at the same time it’s agreed that I understand what I needs to deliver and that I can carry these responsibilities autonomously. I also like the fact that I work under the TVH badge, that when I engage with external organisations I represent TVH; that’s a nice feeling.