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If you receive Personal Independence Payments (PIP), please also check the update on the PIP information page.

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a monthly payment that combines most means-tested benefits, and will be paid to one person in the household.

The benefits it includes are:
• Income-related Jobseekers Allowance
• Housing Benefit
• Child Tax Credit
• Working Tax Credit
• Income Support
• Income-related Employment Support Allowance

Universal Credit is being gradually rolled out to specific areas in the UK and it currently just affects single people who are making a claim.

Once someone has claimed Universal Credit, they stay on this regardless of changes of circumstances such as moving to a new area or changing from a single claimant to a couple.

What does an online claim and management process look like?

Here is a useful video to help you to to grips with the Universal Credit Full Service and to help you understand items such as:

● The claim
● The online journal
● The to do list
● The ID verification procedure
● Change of circumstance

Universal Credit Full Service Video Overview

Will this affect the payment of my rent?

Yes, as your Housing Benefit is most likely paid directly to you and you are responsible for paying your rent on time to your landlord. Find out about the ways you can pay your rent on our payment pages.

You may need to budget differently to ensure you have enough money to pay your bills. You’ll be encouraged to manage all details of your Universal Credit claim using an online system, instead of using the telephone or visiting an office.

When will I start getting Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is being introduced in stages and won’t be available to everyone until 2021.

If you’re already claiming one or more of the benefits that are being phased out, you should keep on claiming as normal. You’ll be told when you need to do anything differently.

To find out when Universal Credit will launch in your area, click here to search by postcode, click here.

To find out your local JobCentre office, click here.

What will change?

• You have to apply for Universal Credit online.
• It will be paid monthly, into a bank account of your choice. Not able to get a bank account?   Find out more about London Plus Credit Union.
• If you get help with your housing costs this will be included in your monthly payment.
• If you live with a partner you will receive a single payment that covers both of you.

How to apply

The claim has to be filled out online at www.gov.uk/apply-universal-credit.

You will need your National Insurance Number, bank Account details, rent agreement, details of any savings and details of any benefits you already receive

Further information

Understanding Universal Credit is a new website by the DWP aimed at answering your questions and helping you make your Uuniversal Credit claims.

You can also use this handy questionnaire to help you prepare for Universal Credit: Universal Credit Personal Planner

Please read the document below to get more information on Universal Credit and how it affects you.


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