Struggling to pay your rent or mortgage?

Paying your rent

It is a condition of your tenancy that you must pay the full amount of your rent and service charge on time. There are a range of ways you can pay. This includes MyTVH, our online service where you can pay our rent online, view your rent and service charges and report repairs.
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Get in touch if you are having difficulty paying your rent. We can help you.
If you are having difficulty paying your rent, please get in touch with your revenues officer.

We’d much rather help you fix the problem than evict you for arrears, however if you don’t pay your rent, you could lose your home.

Depending on your situation, we can arrange a payment plan, help you access benefits you might be entitled to, arrange for you to attend training to improve your employment prospects and sign post you to organisations that will give you free and impartial advice and help.

SMS texting service

We can help you manager your arrears with our texting service, find out more.

Our arrears policy

View our rent arrears policy here

Am I in line with my court agreement?

If you’re registered for online customer services you can view your account to monitor your repayment arrangement.

Alternatively, home owners and tenants can call our Revenues Team on 0300 456 2929 (option 2), and key workers can contact their accommodation officer

Struggling to pay your mortgage or shared ownership rent?

If you are a home owner and you are struggling to make your mortgage or rent payments, we may be able to help you with flexible tenure. This means we can agree to buy back some of the share you own in your home. This will change the amount of rent that you will pay as you own less of your home.

Are you eligible for Flexible Tenure?

Before we will consider you for Flexible Tenure, you will need to show us that you have considered all other solutions including loan rescheduling and other payment solutions. You must also pay off any rent or service charge arrears you have.

The money you receive for the sale of your share will be minus the cost of our surveyor and our legal and valuation fee. You will also have costs such as the cost of your solicitor. We cannot always guarantee you will be eligible for Flexible Tenure even though you may meet the criteria.

Give your Property Manager a ring for more information.

Why you need to pay

There’s a slightly different arrangement in place depending on whether you rent or own your home, but one thing is common: it’s important that you pay your rent and service charge on time.

Priority debts

Rent and service charges are priority debts. They should be paid first along with a mortgage (if you are a home owner) and council tax. Non-payment can result in you losing your home or facing a criminal conviction.

Keep an eye on it

Make sure you pay on time. Check your account regularly – it’s easy to do this online if you’re registered for online customer services. Not registered but want to? Send us an enquiry and we’ll get this set up for you.

Need some help?

If you are struggling to pay, don’t ignore the situation. Have a look at our debt advice and benefit pages. There’s some really useful information about help you can tap into, other agencies you can contact plus some advice on benefits you may be entitled to claim.

Get in touch with us too. We need to know if you’re struggling. Home owners and tenants can call our Revenues Team on 0300 456 2929 (option 2) to discuss options that might be available. Key workers can call their accommodation officer.

Our Resident Connectors are available to support residents with;

  • Support into work
  • Support to manage mental and physical wellbeing
  • Support with debt and money management
  • Support with addressing rent arrears and managing tenancies

If you’d like to speak with a Resident Connector, please contact us on

Payment options

There’s a variety of payment options available.
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