Home owner services

We provide all the normal management services for our home owners as well as specialist services. Find out about additional rights that you might have as a leaseholder, as well as advice on some of the common additional services we provide.

For further information about Building Insurance, please click here.

EWS1 Information – 

Since late 2019, some leaseholders have had difficulties in obtaining mortgages due to lenders and valuers requiring independent certification that buildings in which properties they are trying to buy, sell, staircase or remortgage meets the requirements of the government’s building safety guidance with respect to the building’s external wall system.

For more information about MTVH’s approach to this issue and where you can go for support and further details, please visit this page.

Report on customer journey mapping survey

Read the results of a customer journey mapping survey we carried out to understand where the home owner services we provide need improvement.

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Selling your home

Want to sell up and move on? Find out what you need to do if you're thinking of selling.

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Home Ownership administration fees

We charge a fee for some of our Home Owner services.

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Staircasing – buying more shares

Find out how you can buy more shares in your home.

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Remortgaging or additional borrowing

Need to re-mortgage or take out some additional borrowing? Check here for further information about how to do this.

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Thinking about subletting or renting out a room? It might be possible. Find out more here.

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Extending your lease

Find out how long you have left on your lease. And how to extend it, if you need or want to.

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Right to manage your building

You might be able to take over some of the management responsibilities in your building. Find out how.

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Equity Loans

Find out how to repay your equity loan

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