Remortgaging or additional borrowing

You need to get in touch with us if you are thinking about changing your mortgage product or borrowing some money that you want to secure against your home. This is because we have to give our consent to the borrowing.

We can normally give our consent if you want to borrow up to the value of your original mortgage (when you bought your home).

If you want to borrow more than the original value, there are some rules around when we can give our consent. It’s normally ok if you want to do some home improvements or if you are borrowing to buy more shares. But outside of that, we probably can’t give our consent.

If you are thinking of re-mortgaging or borrowing money, send our Home Ownership Team  an enquiry  with some details so that we can let you know either way or give us a call.

Administration fees

We charge a fee for some of our Home Owner services. Please click here to find out more.

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