Right to manage your building

Do you live in a flat and want to take over certain management responsibilities in your building?

You might be able to. It’s called the Right to Manage and it’s a legal right for leaseholders.

There’s some qualification criteria:

  • Two thirds of the flats in the building have to be fully owned (shared ownership leases of less than 100% don’t qualify);
  • At least half of the flat owners must agree to the proposal;
  • Your flats have to be self-contained;
  • Your leases need to have more than 21 years left to run;
  • If there’s a shop on the ground floor, it can’t be more than 25% of the total area of the building.

Here’s some more information about things to consider and the process.

Want to check if your building qualifies, before taking the next step? Send our Home Ownership Team an enquiry.

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