Getting started with MyTVH

To access MyTVH for the first time, you need to complete a three-step registration.

You will first need the invitation code sent to you, if you do not one request one here.

Go to and follow the below steps to register.

Step 1: Enter an email address and create a passphrase

  • A passphrase can be a short sentence that you use to sign in to your MyTVH account, instead of a password. Passphrases are more secure and easier to remember than passwords.
  • Your passphrase must be at least ten characters long.

Step 2: Enter the Invitation Code from your letter and provide your mobile phone number

MyTVH Invitation Letter

  • Each individual tenant and home owner has their own eight-character Invitation Code. If you don’t know your Invitation Code, we can provide it to you on request.
  • The mobile phone number you enter must be one that you’ve already told us about. Need to let us know your mobile phone number?
  • If you don’t have a mobile phone, please get in touch.

Step 3: Enter the security code sent to your mobile phone

MyTVH Security Code

You’re registered!

Once you’ve completed these steps (which you only need to do once), you can access your MyTVH account anytime by choosing the SIGN IN option and entering your email and passphrase.

Having problems signing in or using MyTVH?

Frequently Asked Questions

I need to add or update a mobile phone number so I can register for the service

Please call to let us know the details of your mobile phone number. Once we’ve updated your details, you can complete the remaining steps to register for MyTVH.

Renters – 0300 456 2929 and choose option 3
Home owners – 0300 456 2929 and choose option 4
Keyworkers and studentsyour accommodation office

I haven’t yet received my six-character security code.

The text message which contains your six-character code should be received within a few seconds of you completing step two. If you haven’t received the message after 1 hour, please get in touch.

My email address and passphrase aren’t recognised.

Have you typed the email address and passphrase correctly? Try re-entering the details.

Have you entered what you thought was the passphrase but maybe you’ve forgotten it? Reset your passphrase using the “Have you forgotten?” option.

I’ve forgotten my passphrase.

You can reset your passphrase by email or mobile phone. Choose the “Have you forgotten?” option.

I haven’t received my passphrase reset instructions

If you haven’t received your passphrase reset instructions to your email or mobile after 1 hour, please get in touch.

Request your MyTVH invitation code

Are you an existing Thames Valley Housing resident? Registering for the new online service is easy. Request your invitation letter.

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MyTVH Help

Still stuck? If you aren't sure what's wrong or how to resolve the problem, we can help.

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