MyTVH features

MyTVH enables you to access our online services via pc, tablet or smart phone, giving you greater flexibility in making payments. All you need to do is complete our simple online registration form.

You can use MyTVH to:

Manage your accounts

  • Make, amend, and cancel payments.
  • Schedule payments online for a date in the future. Multiple dates can be scheduled in advance.
  • See a transactions statement and a breakdown of your charges.

Report and track repairs

  • Request a repair and track its progress, status, and appointment date.
  • See repairs for your building or estate that are already in progress.

Access information and services relevant to you

  • Use the enquiries page to ask questions and let us know what we can do to help.

Settings and notifications

  • After logging in, you will receive important tailored messages via the notifications area.
  • In the settings area, you can change your passphrase and update your contact details.

Access from pc, tablet or smartphone at any time

  • Whether you access MyTVH through your mobile telephone, tablet or PC, the pages will adapt to fit so that your experience is just as good on any device.

MyTVH Payments FAQs

Are online payments safe and secure?
Yes. Payments are made over SSL (which is a techy acronym for Secure Sockets Layer). This is a secure internet connection. Barclays store the payment details on behalf of TVH and they can only be used to pay TVH – so they can’t be stolen to be used to pay for other things.

Do you like the sound of MyTVH but you don’t feel confident on the internet?
Get in touch with our Resident Training and Employment Team who may be able to organise training for you.

Our online services are tested by our resident user testing group to ensure we are continually improving our online services and information. If your interested in being involved please click here.

Please complete our suggestions form if you have any improvements you think we need to make to our online services.

We keep this page updated with all the latest developments.

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