Service Charges FAQs

Are residents consulted about service charges?

Yes. From time to time, we review the service charge setting process as well as the methods we use to publish service charge information. Residents are involved in this process.

More locally, residents can feedback to us on the specific services that we provide. Sometimes we can vary the services we provide, like the frequency of grounds maintenance visits. Some services we can’t adjust because there’s a legal requirement to have them in place.

Can I ask you to review my estimated service charge? It doesn’t look right.

Yes. Let your Housing Officer, Property Manager or Accommodation Officer know what’s causing you concern and they’ll investigate this for you. If there’s an error, we’ll correct this and send you a revised breakdown of your service charge. If we’ve checked it and it’s ok, we’ll let you know.

Will I be entitled to a refund if a particular service isn’t delivered?

You should always let us know if something’s gone wrong so that we can try to correct the situation. If we haven’t been able to fix the issue, we’ll make a decision on what to do with the service charge cost. Sometimes, we’ll not make any changes to the service charge; sometimes, we’ll issue a refund; sometimes we’ll adjust the annual service charge cost so that we either collect less from you for the remainder of the service charge period or apply a credit note to the audited accounts.

Can I claim benefits to cover the cost of my service charge?

You may be able to get help meeting the cost of paying your service charge. The Government has put together some guidance on how to claim and what you might be entitled to.

Why do I have to pay service charges when I pay rent?

(Tenants and Key Workers only)

Service charges cover the cost of communal services that you benefit from. It doesn’t include the cost of repairs or insurance as these are included in your rent.

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