Common repairs questions

I reported a repair. What stage is it at?

During the week, you can call our Repairs Team on 0300 456 2929 (option 1) between 8.00 a.m. and 6.00 p.m. Key workers can call their Accommodation Officer.

A light bulb in my flat has failed. What should I do?

We don’t replace bulbs for our residents. You’ll need to fix this yourself. Take care when replacing the bulb.

My appliance isn’t working. It keeps tripping my electric out. What do I do?

You could check whether the fuse in the plug needs replacing. But if that doesn’t work, there’s probably something wrong with the appliance. We don’t maintain the appliances so we can’t help out. Unless you’re properly trained, we wouldn’t recommend you try to fix it yourself. You should get an engineer to have a look or give you some advice. You might want to check the warranty to see whether it’s covered by that.

One of my neighbours keeps dumping furniture in the bin store. What can I do?

We have to remove these bulk items and this costs money. We recharge this back to the culprit if we know who this is but if we don’t we charge the costs against all the residents. It’s not fair on those residents who do take care to dispose of bulk items properly. If you know who’s dumping the items, let us know. We will be discreet.

I’ve got a sofa I need to remove from my home. What can I do?

Your local authority provides a bulk item removal service for a small fee. Check their website for details.

What do you do about pests?

It depends on where they are.

If they are in the communal areas, we can get our contractor to inspect and advise what needs to happen. And then arrange for the work to be done.

If it’s in your home, it’s a little different. We might give you some advice on what you can do or we might suggest you contact a specialist for advice.

If you’re a tenant, we’ll normally arrange for work to be done. If you’re a home owner, we may be able to help out but you’ll normally have to make your own arrangements.

It also depends on what they are.

We can help out with certain types of pests, in particular vermin such as mice, rats or squirrels. But there are some situations where it’s not so straightforward. Some bees are protected species so we can’t remove them. Birds that have made a nest can’t be removed until after their young have vacated the nest.

The tree in my garden is huge. Can you help?

The garden is yours to maintain and that includes trees. You’ll need to contact a specialist to get advice on what work is needed.

The tree in the communal garden is huge. Can you help?

We maintain the trees in communal areas, so let us have some details so that we can investigate.

When are you going to carry out work on the tree in our communal garden?

We inspect our estates regularly and keep a record of the condition of trees. If work is necessary, we will schedule this in.

My boiler is not working. What can I do?

If you’re a tenant, we maintain your heating system, so we’ll need to get our specialist contractor out to inspect and repair. Get in touch.

If you’re a home owner, we don’t maintain your boiler unless it’s part of a communal heating system. You will need to contact a specialist engineer to fix it. If you get your heating from a communal heating system, please get in touch, so we can make arrangements for an engineer to visit.

I can smell gas. What should I do?

If you are at home, we’d recommend you open a window. Think safe – don’t leave your home at risk of burglary. And call the National Grid on 0800 111 999. They are responsible for dealing with gas leaks.

My TV reception isn’t working. What can I do?

We maintain the communal aerial system. We will normally only be able to send out an engineer if we’ve heard from two or more residents in your block. If it’s only you that’s affected, this means it’s something within your home, so you need to get it fixed yourself.

Why have you sent me a resident recharge invoice?

We will recharge you if we have incurred costs for doing work that is your responsibility. Like forcing entry to your home when you’ve lost your keys or repairing damage caused by you or a visitor to your home.


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