Resident Inspectors

Our Resident Inspectors play an important role in helping us keep an eye on cleaning and grounds maintenance standards where they live. We’re always looking for more Inspectors and provide training and support for any residents who want to get involved.

How it works

Inspectors complete a scoring sheet every 2 weeks, marking the levels of cleaning and maintenance.

We train residents in what to look for and how to assess whether the work is up to scratch. The training takes place where residents live to make sure any specific issues there can be noted.

All of our resident can take part.

We currently have 130 Resident Inspectors. This covers over a third of all schemes that we service. It includes all ages, locations and types of home. We have an online communication page especially for our Resident Inspectors too.

And we have an Estates Inspection Officer who looks after our Inspectors and is their first point of contact.

How the Inspectors make a difference

  • We get regular, accurate information, which goes directly to the people responsible for the work.
  • Residents’ opinions are listened to and trusted.
  • A closer relationship is built between us the residents and contractors.


Does it work?

  • The average inspection score from our Inspectors for outdoor maintenance is now 78% and for cleaning it is 81%.
  • The average satisfaction for our inspectors across all tenure types is 79% for outdoor maintenance and 85% for cleaning – way above the figures we receive from our monthly satisfaction surveys.

Get on board

We are always on the lookout for more Resident Inspectors! if you think the programme is right for you or just want to find out more, please contact Emma Cross, Estates Advisor by email or call her on 0300 456 2948 or 07789690823.

Resident Inspector Case Study

Hear from one of our Resident Inspectors about his experience in the programme.

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