Resident Inspector Case Study

Our Resident Inspectors play an important role in helping us keep an eye on cleaning and grounds maintenance standards where they live. We’re always looking for more Inspectors and provide training and support for any residents who want to get involved. We recently spoke to Mani, who has been a resident inspector since 2013: 

“I became an inspector about a year after I moved in. I was phoning TVH and reporting repairs and jobs that were not finished frequently, so they suggested that I consider the role of resident inspector – since I was already doing it. That way I could get reimbursed for my work with vouchers. So I thought, I don’t mind that – plus I can get a little treat every now and then!

The maintenance people come once a fortnight, and after they’ve been I walk around and check that they’ve done all their jobs – things like cleaning bin stores and trimming hedges. This site is only made up of 10 flats, so it only takes me 15 minutes to go around and do my inspection.

If the residents don’t care, then it is a lot easier for things to slip.

I haven’t had any cause for complaint; they are good at what they do. When there’s been graffiti on walls or any of the doors have been damaged, the estates people are out straight away and they do a great job. But they understand as well that we really care about it, because I’m here checking, so they will go the extra way to look after our estate and maintain it really well. If he residents don’t care, then it is a lot easier for things to slip – for a hedge not to get trimmed or mulch not to be changed.

I’ve been doing this for over five years now. When I first took the role I went and knocked on everyone’s door and explained what I’ll be doing, so they wouldn’t be alarmed when they see me in their corridor turning lights on and off and checking that the window frames have been cleaned! Everyone here knows me, and they are happy for me to do this work.”


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