Service Specifications

Your estate services are made up of the cleaning and maintenance of the shared areas of your home as well as parking areas and gardens. This is paid for by your service charge.

Each estate is different and you should check your tenancy for exact details for your estate.

We are usually responsible for:

General Cleaning, including


  • Cleaning all internal floors, the doorways and skirting boards
  • Cleaning and vacuuming all carpeted areas
  • Dusting and polishing appropriate areas
  • Sweeping car parking areas and all other hard areas
  • Removing litter and debris form all hard areas
  • Cleaning and disinfecting the refuse areas
  • Cleaning all internal glass

Other timescales

  • Cleaning the lighting (monthly)
  • Cleaning the external surfaces of all communal and flat windows (every three months)
  • Shampooing carpets, and stripping and treating floors in accordance with manufacturers instructions (annually)

General maintenance, including

  • Checking and where needed, replacing external and internal lighting components (weekly)
  • Adjusting clocks to ensure correct operation of eg, communal lighting (weekly)
  • Logging communal repairs within 24 hours of identification through a call to TVH

Grounds Maintenance, including


  • Keeping garden, grounds and common parts clean and tidy
  • Collect and remove fallen leaves from site, (and on all other visits – see below)

Every two weeks

  • Tidy garden borders and beds
  • Cut lawns, dispose of cuttings and remove them from site

Four times a year

  • Prune shrubs and small trees
  • Trim Hedges
  • Apply weed killer between paving stones and other hard areas with weeds

Once a year

  • Dig over communal areas and remulch beds
  • Edge around borders, beds, fences and buildings

April – October

  • Trim all grass edges with each cut


  • Replace dead plants and shrubs when required
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