Planned maintenance

In order to keep our homes and communities in good condition, we run a planned maintenance programme. We regularly inspect different parts of the building and estate to monitor how it’s looking and performing.

Cyclical Decoration Programme

We normally redecorate the external and communal areas to your block once every five years. If the properties are in good condition we may leave it slightly longer than 5 years.

We’ll let you know when the work is scheduled and what’s going to be done in advance of the work taking place.

We monitor the delivery of the project from beginning to end to make sure the standard of the work is what we expect it to be. Doing it whilst the work is in progress helps the contractor to address any concerns, so if you’re having work done and spot something you’re not happy with, please let us know.

You can read more about who’s involved in the delivery of the programme here

If you want to find out when we’re planning to redecorate your building, send us an enquiry.

Planned Programme

We regularly inspect different building components using specialist contractors who understand the systems and know what to look out for. Here’s some information on the scheduling of these inspections:

  • Monthly or quarterly: Lifts
  • Quarterly: Fire alarms; Sewage treatment including pumps and septic tanks
  • Twice yearly: Emergency lighting
  • Annually: Dry risers; Gas servicing; Smoke alarms within homes; Portable electrical equipment, e.g. fridges (if owned by TVH); Communal boilers

Replacement Programme

We also have a programme of boiler and kitchen and bathroom replacement for tenants.

  • Every 15 years: Domestic gas boilers are replaced
  • Every 20 years: Kitchens are replaced
  • Every 30 years: Bathrooms are replaced

If you want to find out when we’re planning to replace your boiler or kitchen, send us an enquiry.

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