Maintenance responsibilities

As a general rule, we do the repairs and provide regular maintenance services in areas that you share with others.

Planned maintenance

If you live in a flat or have a shared garden area, we will clean and maintain these areas regularly. This is paid for by the service charge that we get from you. This includes grass cutting and cleaning as well as decorating the communal areas from time to time.

Your repair responsibilities

You can check your tenancy agreement or lease for information about repairs that are your responsibility. There’s also some guidance in your resident handbook.

Charging you for repairs

We sometimes carry out repairs that are not included in your usual services. These are known as Rechargeable Repairs.

This includes repairing damage caused by you, your visitors, or workmen employed by you, or replacement of lost or stolen permits, keys or fobs.

We’ll let you know how much the work will cost beforehand if we can.  We will need you to pay before we start any of the work needed.

Depending on what work is required, we might give you the option to:

  • Carry out the work yourself as long is it is done to a high standard
  • Get a contractor to do the work. They must be reputable and qualified and do the work to a high standard

We reserve the right to inspect any work not done by our contractors.

There may also be a need to make an insurance claim for some structural repairs. (For example collapsed roofs). If this is needed, we make the claim on behalf of our tenants.

Home owners should make any claims for structural repairs from their own buildings insurance.

Home Contents Insurance

If you live in a TVH home, you need to arrange your own home contents insurance.  This is who to claim through, if you experience damage to personal items.

Who maintains your sewer?

Since 2011, if your TVH home is connected to the public sewer system, Thames Water is likely to be responsible for pipes that are outside the boundary of your home and will have to maintain and repair them.

Previously you may have had to pay for any works that needed doing, even if you weren’t aware of this. These changes are likely to affect the majority of people in TVH properties.

Some homes may be connected to a private pumping station before they connect into the main sewer network. (You will probably know if this is the case.) The ownership of these will transfer to water companies in October 2016.

Until then, the owner of the pumping station will continue to be responsible for the maintenance and repair.

More information, including diagrams and what to do if you have a problem with your sewers, can be found in the Thames Water information leaflet below, or by calling them 0845 0709 150.

There is also a video explaining the changes that you can view on the Thames Water website.

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