Buildings insurance

We provide building insurance for most of our residents.

Where we don’t provide it, either there’s another organisation (perhaps another landlord or a managing agent) that does provide it or the resident arranges their own cover.

If you’re not sure whether we provide your building insurance, send us an enquiry and we’ll let you know.

Here are our current building insurance policies.

There’s a summary of what’s covered in the documents: it basically covers the structure of your home and protects against damage caused by fire and flood. It doesn’t cover against gradual deterioration or wear and tear.

If the insurance isn’t provided by us, we’ll be able to send you some information from the actual provider. It differs between schemes, so if you want a copy of your schedule, get in touch with us.

Need to make a claim?

If something in your home is damaged by an insured peril, you might be able to claim against the building insurance. If you want to make a claim, you can call Zurich on 0870 241 8050 and quote the policy number – it’s near the top of the policy documents.

Key workers should contact their accommodation officer first before getting in touch with Zurich.

If you’re not sure whether you’re covered for what’s happened, you can call Zurich about building insurance or your contents insurance provider: we’re not the insurance experts!

We don’t provide home contents insurance

We don’t provide residents with contents insurance. So you’ll need to arrange this yourself. If you are a renter, read about Crystal Insurance Scheme contents insurance for tenants.

Got a leak from your neighbour’s home?

You should speak to your neighbour. They may not be aware there’s a leak from their home.

Next, if there’s been any damage in your home, check whether the damage is covered by the building insurance or contents insurance policy.

If the damage isn’t covered, you might have to carry out your own repairs. You might want to ask your neighbour to contribute. If you aren’t sure, get in touch.

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