Fire safety and communal areas

We all want to be safe where we live. Find out more about how you can help yourself and your community minimise risks in your home and the shared areas in your building and estate.

Safety in your home

Some of our buildings have a communal fire safety system that connects the fire alarm in your flat to a central system, normally located on the ground floor of the building. We carry out regular checks of the system to make sure it’s working properly.

  • Where there’s no communal system, you should get a smoke alarm installed.
  • Whatever system you have in place, make sure it’s tested regularly.

Keeping Safe

  • Keep the building secure. Many of our buildings have secure door entry systems.
  • Some of our resident parking areas are also controlled by security systems.
  • Help us keep you safe by making sure the communal doors and gates are kept closed at all times.
  • If you think either system is faulty, get in touch with us. Call 0300 456 2929 (option 1) to report a repair.
  • If you’re not expecting a visitor, don’t let them in. Always be sure to double check who’s asking to come in before you let them in.

Fire Safety

Things you can do to make things safer

  • Make sure you keep matches safe, don’t smoke in bed and don’t overload your plug sockets.
  • Think about turning off sockets that you don’t use regularly.
  • When you are cooking, try to avoid leaving it unattended.
  • Try to keep children a safe distance away, and warn them about dangers in the kitchen.
  • Make sure the saucepan handles aren’t sticking out so that someone can knock into them, and don’t overfill.
  • Plan your escape route – work out what the best route is out of your home in an emergency. Keep the exit(s) to your home free from obstructions

The Fire Service

Have a look at what the Fire Service recommend here.

Affected by fire?

The Government have put together some helpful information about the impact of fire and what you can do if you are affected.

You might be able to make a claim against the building insurance or your own contents insurance. Here’s some information about how you can make a claim.

Gas Safety

Do you smell gas?

If you can smell gas, call National Grid immediately on 0800 111 999. They’ll advise what you need to do. Want to find out more about what National Grid do? Take a look at the National Grid website.

Annual Gas Safety Checks

We have to do safety checks each year for our tenants to make sure the are safe for use. You can find out more information here.

Home owners maintain their own heating systems (unless their homes are part of a communal heating system), so they need to arrange their own checks.

Safety in Communal Areas

We have an obligation to ensure the building and communal areas within it meet fire safety requirements. This includes making sure you can escape from the building in an emergency.

In order to keep you safe, we have some rules about the use of the communal areas:

  • You can’t store your possessions
  • You can’t dump unwanted goods
  • You can’t display decorative items like pictures or plant pots
  • We know some residents may feel this approach is unfair, but we need a policy that is consistent and reasonable.

We’ve worked closely with the environmental health and fire service in setting this policy and feel it’s the only way to ensure that fire safety risks to our residents living in blocks of flats is minimised.

Fire safety In communal areas of our blocks of flats

We have introduced a policy where you are not allowed to leave, store, place or hang any items in the communal areas of the block of flats you live in. This is for your safety. Read our FAQs for more ...

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