Fire safety In communal areas of our blocks of flats

What is the policy?

You are only allowed the following items in communal areas:

  • A doormat outside your apartment (maximum size: length: 50cm x width: 75 cm x depth: 5mm
  • A small live plant in a non-combustible container
  • With our permission, a framed picture properly secured to the wall.

These must not obstruct the fire escape routes out of the building or prevent residents moving freely within the communal areas.

Is that all I am allowed to have in the communal areas?

Yes it is. You cannot leave anything else. This includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Buggies and prams
  • Children’s toys
  • Shoes, boots and trainers
  • Items of furniture and goods waiting to be disposed
  • Mobility scooters
  • Any other decorative items

What will happen if item(s) are left in the communal area, other than the items allowed?

We will remove the item(s) immediately. These will only be stored for return in exceptional circumstances.

Why we need to do this

In 2011 fire legislation and guidance came into effect making it our legal duty to ensure your safety in the communal areas in your block of flats. This means that if there was a fire, there must be nothing in these areas that could:

  • Prevent residents escaping from the building
  • Stop the fire services carrying out their duties
  • Give off toxic smoke and gas when burning
  • Explode due to high temperatures (e.g, glass)
  • Cause the fire to spread more quickly

What are ‘the communal areas’?

Internal communal areas are those which everyone has access to, including the entrance lobbies, landings, stairwells, meter cupboards, lifts, open walkways and balconies.

I have a mobility scooter. Where can I store it?

If you need to discuss storage of your mobility scooter or any other aid to walking/mobility, please contact your Housing Officer or your Property Manager.

I want to put a picture up in the communal area. Who do I get permission from?

You should get in contact with your Housing Officer or Property Manager.

Contact Information

Get in touch with your Housing Officer

Get in touch with your Property Manager

 Have residents been involved in this?

Residents on our Customer Services Committee and they have been involved in deciding on this response to the legislation. We will continue to listen to resident feedback and respond where we can.

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