Save money, save energy – Go Green!

You’ve told us that protecting the environment is important to you. To help you do this, this page gives you advice about saving money, saving energy, reducing your bills and reducing your carbon foot print.


Free, impartial advice from charity, The Energy Saving Trust.

Comprehensive advice and information pages from two housing associations:

Are you involved in a green project? We could help fund it.

We have a Small Grant scheme for community projects where you live.  It could pay for things like garden benches or trees for your communal gardens, equipment for your green project or some expertise to work with your group.

If you’ve got an idea we’d love to hear from you.  Email Eleanor Morgan or call 020 8607 0763

In particular we’re focussing on these areas:

  • Reducing the cost of your energy bills and consumption, whilst keeping safe and warm
  • Recycling and re-using things you might normally throw away or give to charity shops
  • Making good use of the green spaces on and around your homes
  • Managing and conserving water in your homes and on your estates

We are also applying all these to how we manage our offices, our staff and how we build our homes. Together they form our Sustainability Strategy.

Read our sustainability strategy

Go Green 13-14

Go Green refers to a series of environmental projects that are run by the Community Investment Team. The schemes are designed to encourage tenant involvement in sustainability projects, and often feature auxiliary outcomes such as food production.

These projects form part of the overall sustainability strategy for Thames Valley Housing, as well as engendering environmental awareness in our residents.


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